Thanks for checking out my website for Pier Lures.

These lures and rigs are all designed, hand crafted and developed by me over the years. I've been fishing various piers and beaches of Florida since the early 70's.

I've always found it a fun challenge to make a lure that would entice a fish into striking. Don’t get me wrong, I've caught my share of fish on the Krocodile Spoon, Mirrorlures, Rapalas, Rebels to name a few, but part of the joy of fishing to me, comes from fooling the fish from my workbench or tying vice. I'm also an avid fly fisherman here in Georgia (trout mainly)and enjoy tying all kinds of buggy patterns, but my heart for fishing lies in the sea.

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida gave me the chance to travel up and down the coast looking for my pier and beach favorite fish to catch. Whether it was the crafty pompano, the beautiful and exciting spanish mackerel, big brother kingfish, killer bluefish, gator trout, a school of marauding jack cravelle, the sizzling bonita, or the monster barracuda, I somehow always found time to chase them around the state.

I've been encouraged by friends and family and fishin' buds to put some of my stuff out there on the web.  Thanks to all the friendly fisherman over the years who have gaffed or netted fish for me, or given me their last "livie," or told me which pilings the cigar minnows were hanging around. I know over the years I've done the same.
Please practice a managed harvest allowing for our future fish......

Sincerely yours,