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A Message From Fred G. Manning

All the lures and rigs you see are designed and handcrafted by me - developed from years of fishing the piers and beaches of South Florida. Coming up with lures that would entice a fish into striking is part of the joy of fishing for me.

I am looking forward to becoming your source for Pier Lures.



Carl O.

Thanks Fred of Pier Lures, I bought a few of the Mack attack anchovy jigs and Pompano Sand Flea jigs , this past fall and we got our limit of spanish mackerel at our local pier when they were running!!! We also got some nice pompano and whiting walking the beaches around Delray and Boca Raton. Looking into trying the Glass Minnow bubble rig this spring, never fished this type of rig......

Kent M.

Using the Cuda Crunch Tube Lure I caught a 5' 40lb barracuda that our guide said was the biggest he's seen on the flats in 18 years...after a half hour battle with the lure crossways in her mouth, very durable..I still caught five more on the same lure. We left the rest of the lures with the guide, he liked them that much!!...

Clayton H.

....We were using the Mack Attack lure on Sanibel Island in Florida and caught 10 mackerel. People kept coming up to us to see what we were using because nobody else was catching anything!........

Dan A.

....Some of the best and most realistic lures I have ever used. Whether I am on the flats in St. Joe Bay Florida searching for mackerel, or fishing the beaches for the first run of pompano, won’t go to Florida without them.......

Melani B.

Awesome web site...I went to your blog today and checked out the recipes. Your Bourbon salmon was delicious I made it tonight. Wow!...

Fishing Tips

Spanish Mackerel Fishing Tips

The correct technique when using my Mack Attack Anchovy Jig for spanish mackerel can make a good day on the pier great! Spanish mackerel have very sharp eyesight and are excited by the sight and quick motions of their prey species (any of the silvery small forage fish). The lateral line of spanish mackerel picks up the ‘feel of vibration’ in the water such as a jig zipping through the water column.

Here is the key to decking some extra spanish mackerel than the next guy. You will see some spanish mackerel fisherman cast similar lures out and as soon as the lure hits the water they begin the retrieve, that’s great if you want to catch the fish that are surface active. But usually below those few aggressive fish are their schoolmates, larger in numbers and sometimes size, a little less aggressive, they just need to be excited, like a jig zigzagging past them. Cat and mouse at this point, these less aggressive spanish mackerel will usually turn “on” when a fast moving jig appears to be getting away. So cast the Mack Attack Jig and allow to sink to the bottom (hopefully not to many hang-ups!) and crank like #+%$*+*#!! with a lot of hard rod jigging, it’s work but jigging your way up the water column allows you to fish bottom to top.

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