Spanish Mackerel Fishing Tips

The correct technique when using my Mack Attack Anchovy Jig for spanish mackerel can make
a good day on the pier great! Spanish mackerel have very sharp eyesight and are excited by the
sight and quick motions of their prey species (any of the silvery small forage fish). The lateral line
of spanish mackerel picks up the ‘feel of vibration’ in the water such as a jig zipping through
the water column. Here is the key to decking some extra spanish mackerel than the next guy. You
will see some spanish mackerel fisherman cast similar lures out and as soon as the lure hits the
water they begin the retrieve, that’s great if you want to catch the fish that are surface active. But
usually below those few aggressive fish are their schoolmates, larger in numbers and sometimes
size, a little less aggressive, they just need to be excited, like a jig zigzagging past them. Cat and
mouse at this point, these less aggressive spanish mackerel will usually turn “on” when a fast
moving jig appears to be getting away. So cast the Mack Attack Jig and allow to sink to the
bottom (hopefully not to many hang-ups!) and crank like #+%$*+*#!! with a lot of hard rod jigging,
it’s work but jigging your way up the water column allows you to fish bottom to top. If the jig comes
to the surface open your bail and send it back down for another speedy ride up the water column,
usually this happens twice per cast. If the spanish mackerel are there and in the ‘mood’ they
will waste your jig!! So the key to spanish mackerel fishing to me is fishing the whole water column
with speed and action imparted to your jig, making them want to kill that easy meal!......Fred  ~~~><(:(:(*>

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