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Mack Attack Anchovy Jig

The Mack Attack Anchovy Jig has the right action, size and flash to turn on the likes of Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Bonita and Sea Trout, etc. If you want a lure that’s ready for action this is the one for you.
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Cobia Jig

This jig is made to imitate any of the squid (cephalopod) or undulating eel like prey species. With large realistic and reflective "target" eyes located aft of the mantel position, this jig should turn some looks into pursuits and strikes. The main body
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Shrimp Hop Jig

The Shrimp hop Jig is not a soft bait, it's a 3/8 oz. jig that you can throw a mile with appropriate tackle. When you need a shrimp "Look-A-Like" that will cast and descend faster than the lighter plastics in areas such as piers,strong current inlets, or
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Pompano Sand Flea Jig

The Sand Flea Jig and its accompanying “App-e-teaser fly” or “Banana Jig” turn the trick on weary Pompano. Its natural crab like appearance looks like an easy meal. The “App-e-teaser fly” and “Banana Jig” that comes with this Sand Flea Jig, represents
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Pitch Bait Mackerel Rigs

Getting set up to throw live or dead baits is easy with these pre-rigged pitch bait King/Spanish mackerel rigs. Their ready to snobble or pitch a live bait. No clunky or chunky hardware here to spook fish, just a smooth transition from wire to leader to
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Strip Bait Red Hook

The Strip Bait Red Hook tipped with a belly strip will fool Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish when they are beginning to shy away from the usual lures. This is a combination of a natural bait and a lure, giving you an advantage when the fishing becomes slow.
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‘Cuda’ Crunch Tube Lure

The ‘Cuda’ Crunch Tube Lure Is ready to be smashed by cruising Barracudas looking to feed on any of the various elongated (Belonidae family) top water residents of the sea. It’s made to imitate a swimming Needlefish, natural favorite prey specie of the G
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Glass Minnow Bubble Rig

When Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Bonita and Sea Trout are feeding on small forage fish such as the Bay Anchovy (anchoa mitchilli) also known as “glass minnows”, it’s hard to fool them, when only small imitations will do the trick. The Glass Minnow Bubble
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Cig Rig Gold Bait Rig Hooks


When fresh live bait is important, most fisherman prefer to tie their own bait rigs. The Cig Rig consists of 5 #12 gold Eagle claw salmon egg hooks, not the cheaper Asian style hooks that often break after a blue runner or two.
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