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Pompano Sand Flea Jig
Pompano Sand Flea Jig:

Lure Features:

  • 5/8 ounce
  • 1 ¾" length
  • size 1/0 super sharp black nickel hook
  • Sparkle epoxy body
  • Under body has a natural crab telson appearance with orange egg cluster
  • Black "crab like" eyes
  • Breathing maribu feathers with side flash
  • 3 Flashy colors
  • Tandem App-e-teaser Fly tied on size 4 Gamakatsu Octopus colored hooks (hook colors subject to change without notice)
  • Tandem Banana Jig size 4 glow orange or chartreuse

The Sand Flea Jig and its accompanying "App-e-teaser fly" or "Banana Jig" turn the trick on weary Pompano. Its natural crab like appearance looks like an easy meal. The "App-e-teaser fly" and "Banana Jig" that comes with this Sand Flea Jig represents a shrimp or some other crustacean dislodged from a weed patch and attracts additional attention to the jig.

The Sand Flea Jig was designed to look like the Mole Crab (Emerita), also known as The Sand Flea, with the female's telson showing off her clutch of bright orange eggs. The maribu feathers (instead of nylon bristle) represent the motion of wavy feeding plumose antennae of the crab. These are the features of the Pompano's natural prey in the surf zone.


How to fish this lure:

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Casting the Pompano Sand Flea Jig from pier, bridge, boat, or in the light surf, allow to sink to sand bottom. Short, sharp jigs (start and stop) makes little puff plumes in the sand as the natural sand Flea would scuttle forward. Stop for a few seconds in between jigs. Look for strike when the jig settles.

The "App-e-teaser fly" and "Banana Jig is an attractor to the main jig. Tie on one or the other 8"-10" above the jig on the leader line using a loop knot, the same knot we use when we tie our gold hook bait fish rigs. This will then make a tandem (two lure) rig. With its bright colors the fly or Banana Jig resembles shrimp and other crustaceans dislodged by wave action. Expect to catch most of your Pomps on either of these little lures, double headers are possible.

If Ladyfish and Bluefish are present, they are also very attracted to these lures. To avoid cut-offs either beef up your mono leader and or forego the "App-e-teaser fly" and "Banana Jig". Straight tie the Sand Flea Jig with heavier mono using a loop knot.

A great jig combo for walking the beach and casting in the surf.

**Avoid whacking the jig against pier pilings or rock jetties to preserve the sparkly epoxy finish.


Color Sections:

Each package comes with 3 lures, 1-Pompano Sand Flea Jig, 1 - App-e-teaser Fly and 1 Banana Jig, please specify your color choices:


Click Images for Larger View

Color Selections Pompano Sand Flea Jig:

Mellow Yellow

Bright White

Hot Pink

Color Selections App-e-teaser Fly (hook colors are subject to change without notice):

Blue Claw Blue

Shrimp Pink

Caulerpa Green

Color Selections Banana Jig:



Glow Orange

PRICE : $3.00 each

Additional "App-e-teaser" Fly or Banana Jig $2.00 each


Three (3) of the Pompano Sand Flea Jigs (one of each color), Three (3) App-e-teaser Flies (one of each color) and Three (3) Banana Jigs

PRICE: $8.00 each Pomp-Pack

This lure contains lead

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